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At Baifumei we understand purchasing Wholesale Korean Cosmetics for your business, needs to be quick business. Thats why from the moment you send across your order, we have a team ready to take action. We make sure the process is as swift as possible and keep you informed every step of the way.

Buy cosmetics like buying a flight

After finally gathering the confidence to purchase a foreign product, there is nothing worse than having to send money across into 'the jungle' to never see it again. Baifumei takes Local payments to European banks saving you on costs, time and most important stress!

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After previously doing B2C for over 5 years, we understand how frustrating it is when suppliers demand high MOQs for products you have never tried. Baifumei never asks for MOQs over what we ourselves have in Korea with the brands. We will always try to help any order we can and no query is stupid. We will always give it you straight!

Track your order from start to finish

With years of experience shipping international goods safetly from a to z, baifumei is a safe pair of hands. We hold your hand every step of the way throughout the purchase process and give you full visibility of your shipments progress. We even send you an email on the day of delivery, hows that for service!

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Baifumei, pronunced buy fu may, is the expert in Korean Cosmetics. Make it easier to choose, purchase, receive and sell Korean Cosmetics for your online or B&M business Today.

With fast and tailored access to over 30,000 different products and 60 famous Korean brands, its no wonder we have customers in over 50 countries (and growing).

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FAQ - The 5 areas 80% ask about

If you still have questions after all the information on this website we recommend visiting our frequently asked questions FAQ page which is updated on a weekly basis with new real questions and answers asked by our customers. We are happy to answer any questions or concerns you have by email. Alternatively you can Contact Us, Email Us, or Whatsapp Us.


MOQ stands for Minimum Order Quantity.

At Baifumei all of our policies have changed. We now only have a Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ) of $700 across multiple selected brands.

The only requirements are as below;

  • MOQ is $700 total
  • Box quantity is 10pcs per SKU (every product minimum of 10)
  • Item must be in stock (stock can be found on product pages.


If your item is out of stock, we can order this in for you but the MOQ for target brand must be $500.

For example

  • You order $800 in Innisfree ($500), Cosrx ($100) & Benton ($200). However after we check 2 SKUs of Innisfree is out of stock. This order would be accepted as we can order the out of stock item since Innisfree order is total $500.
  • You order $700 in Innisfree ($200), Cosrx ($200) & Benton ($300). However after we check several SKUs from each brand is out of stock. This order would NOT be accepted as we cannot order the out of stock since the MOQ for all brands is below $500. We would recommend selecting SKUs in stock or increasing order amount.

Please note some brands always have an MOQ no matter what stock levels e.g. Lador, Elizavecca, Laneige etc. Please visit store to find out MOQs.


We understand all customers would like to calculate the exact cost of orders so they can calculate profit margins and work out if ordering is viable.

However, please note shipping is based on weight, something we will not know until after we have your order sheet. Without knowing what quantities and size / dimensions of products, we are guessing shipping price.

However if estimating shipping is a must we recommend the following depending on your method;

Average is roughly $3-5 / kilo all in for orders over 30kg and $7-8 per kilo for orders under.



Following are the payment options available for wholesale:

Bank Transfer (TT - GBP, USD, EUR)

Credit Card - Please request and note there is 4.7% charge

Unfortunately we do not accept Paypal.

For tips on avoiding fees, we recommend using Transferwise, a money transfer website owned by Skype. Save fees of up to 40% using our link.


What Our Customers say about Us

"Baifumei has been an excellent supplier and now partner of our Business in France. The pricing download process was so much easier than with others and the ability to connect with them when I had concerns was helpful. 5 stars!"

Beau Toi - France

15 JAN 2018

"We are by no means a big company and so were concerned with MOQs and shipping pricing to us in Netherlands. Baifumei helped us greatly to understand the process, keep prices down and launch some items we would never have tried before. We are likely to be using Baifumei as our supplier in the near future. Thanks."

Schoonheid Nodig Hebben - Netherlands

15 SEP 2018

"We have sold beauty for a whole but knew the Korean mask area was growing intensely. After searching for mask providers really Baifumei stood out from the rest for their ability to help, even on evenings and weekends. They were serious about helping our customers."

Czech our masks - Czech

15 DEC 2018

Our Offices

With an office in both London, UK & Seoul, Korea, Baifumei is the number one Korean cosmetics Wholesale Supplier for your business. Whether you are a small retailer in France or Germany or a bulk buyer in Italy or Finland, our extensive shipping capabilities make us certain we can help your business grow . We look at every enquiry that hits our inbox, so contact us if you have an enquiry.

Our Customers

We have 100+ regular and happy wholesale customers worldwide for one reason; we care. With 30,000+ products discounted extremely competitively from over 40 brands to offer, we are well renowned as the supplier of choice in Europe for fast, responsible, top customer support and reliable wholesaler services.

We only offer 100% authentic and fresh products, carefully sourced from each of the official brands in Seoul, Korea and shipped directly from origin. No matter the brand or line, we can supply almost every Korean cosmetics and skin care brand.

Starting your online or retail Korean business is reliant on one very important thing, finding a reliable and competent Korean Cosmetics Wholesale Supplier.

How to Order

STAGE 1 - Choose from the brands below and download the order form. See further details for supply rates / rules for each.

STAGE 2 - Select which lines you want. Complete with full details and send back to us here or email us here.

STAGE 2 - Wait for us to get back in 24 hours and Start your Korean Skin care and cosmetics business.



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