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We have decided to lower the supplying rate of innisfree again.

Please check the details in the "New Supplying rates" page.

No Sebum Mineral Powder 15g and The green tea seed oil has fixed supplying rate (90%).

[NEWS] Recently, a manager in one of direct shops of innisfree has been arrested

on charges of embezzlement of public funds.

According to rumor, he is one of major suppliers of innisfree.

This will be making innisfree head office to supervise their shops and resellers more strictly.

That's why we have appointed some products as unavailable.


Instead, the lead time is a bit longer than before as below.

In addition, some of products are unavailable.


Lead time of innnisfree is 1 to 2 weeks.

- Below 1.5 million won order :  1 week

- Over 1.5million won order : 1 to 2 weeks



And we expect the lead time may take longer. (** Normally 1 week is enough for small order.)