3X Shills Pack - 3X Blackhead Black Mask Purifying Peel off Mask


3X Shills Pack - 3X Blackhead Black Mask Purifying Peel off Mask

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Got Blackheads on your TZONE? Then Shills Black Mask Purifying Peel off Mask is the answer! For just £19.99, get rid of nasty blackheads for your sake and ours!
You know that removing Blackheads from your nose is not only your worst nightmare, it hurts!! Well not any more. This product has grown and grown with bloggers and is here to stay. Probably the most popular product in 2016, follow the below:
    1. Apply Shills Black Mask on a clean dry face. Got dry skin? We recommend applying a moisturizer or a toner for maximum effect.

    2. Spread evenly across the face paying special attention to blackhead hot-spots.  Please avoid applying on eyes, lips and eyebrow area girls, we are removing blackheads, not skin!

    3. Just sit back relax and instagram for 30 minutes to allow the mask to do its magic. Once completely dry you can proceed to remove the mask. Start from the bottom of your face and slowly peel upwards

    4. For absolute maximum results (if you have time of course) we recommend helping the pores to expand by steaming your face with a hot towel before proceeding to apply mask.

    Need more than 1? Are you a freak for Black head sets. Then get on both our 2 X Shills Blackhead Black Mask Set & our My Scheming & Shills Blackhead Beauty Bundle ^^

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