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Dr. Jart+ is the leading Korean skin care brand known for bringing BB creams to the global market. Established in 2005 by dermatologist Sung Jae Jung and entrepreneur Chin Wook Lee, the brand is backed by a team of 15 dermatologists affiliated with leading universities and clinics across Korea.Dr. Jart+ continues to create innovative skin care solutions including its Cellwake, V7, Dermask, Dermaclear, Water Fuse, Every Sun Day, Liftra and Time Returning series. Among its bestselling products are the Silver Label Plus Rejuvenating Beauty Balm, Dermaclear Trans-Foam Clay, Dermask Vital Hydra Solution and V7 VitaLaser 2.1. All Dr. Jart+ products are made in Korea

5 Dr Jart Best Sellers missing from your business

All Dr. Jart products are thoroughly tested and approved by the consulting group of dermatologists to be safe for all skin types –even hypersensitive skin– and pregnant women.

Dr. Jart creates its products for the global market. When necessary Dr. Jart reformulates its products to suit each region and locale, applying the same commitment of excellence in each and every product.

Dr. Jart products are made with the most serious dedication to scientific efficacy, while the designs are simple and aesthetic.


1. Amazon.co.uk

This is an online wholesale website that sells products of different categories of which Korean skin care products are not an exception. They wholesale skin care products categories such as sun care and tanning, face moisturising and rejuvenating mask, gels and foams, creams, BB and CC creams, hands and feet, face scrubs among others.

They sell at cheap and affordable prices. At Amazon.co.uk, you can trust them for high-quality Korean skincare UK. They offer free deliveries to customers in the UK and Ireland. There are also special delivery packages like prime delivery, Amazon pick-up locations, international delivery etc.

korean skin care products wholesale.png


2. Maskhose.co.uk

Mask house is a Korean skincare product wholesale company that has in store different skin care products of all kinds and from top brands. They have top Korean skin care products like scream, essence, serum, exfoliator, eye cream, toner, sun protector, sleeping pack, first, cleanse and second cleanse product.

At Mask house, they sell only Korean brands and that is why they can be trusted for high-quality products. They sell cheap products as low as 1.1 pounds. Mask house is a good place to get your Korean skincare UK.

3. Koreankosmetis.co.uk

This online store prides itself as the first UK online store that specialises in Korean cosmetics and Korean skincare UK. Orders made from this site are sent by the Royal Mail Services, and they offer free delivery to UK orders above 50 pounds. They have top brands like Missha, etude house and Skinfood.

Their skin care products are essence, mist, eye cream, toner, serum etc. they ship products of not less than 2kg, meaning that they operate on a minimum order quantity.

where to buy korean skincare.png


4. Craneandpeach.co.uk

Crane and peach are a big-time Korean skincare product wholesale supplier. They sell products from top Korean skincare brands. Similarly, they sell at competitive rates to their customers. Their product categories include BB cream, hair, facial mask, and cleanser.

They sell Korean skincare products wholesale regardless of whether it’s big or small. This is due to the fact that they operate on a no minimum order policy.

korean skincare wholesale.png

5. Buttermilkcare.com

A Korean skincare wholesale company based in the UK, this website prides themselves with the sales of high-quality skin care product from top brands.

They have products like BB cream, acne solutions, essence, exfoliators, face oils, hands and feet, sunscreen, moisturisers, toners, hydrogel masks etc. They offer free delivery to customers in the United Kingdom and to customers in the United State and sell products for as low as 1.5o pounds.

Korean skincare wholesale can be gotten here at a cheap price. They deliver internationally and also have a return policy for cases where customers are not satisfied with their product.

5. Chinabrands

Chinabrands has recently entered the Korean Cosmetics Wholesale arena, likely due to the grow in the market in Europe. However there prices and supposed 'high quality' raises many questions. They claim many sellers and retailers choose Chinabrands . However when requested we didn't receive any feedback. We wouldnt recommend using a Chinese company to import Korean goods ever since most items are fake and in genuine.

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    X Things you didnt know about your Korean fav Dr Jart

    1. There’s a high demand for it

    No doubt, there is an increasing demand for skincare product on a daily basis. Yes, everyone wants to look good and that is why Korean skincare product wholesale is good business. In the UK, there are millions of people demanding this product. Therefore, this business is worth the dive.

    2. Korean skincare products are ‘wow’

    The Korean beauty industry has made a name for itself by rolling out high-quality and effective skin care products. This is why their products are being rushed all over the world both in far and near countries. Wholesaling this skincare product in the UK is a sure way to make a clean profit.

    3. Cheap and affordable

    Apart from possessing high quality, Korean skincare products wholesale can be gotten at a relatively cheap and affordable price. Once you decide to wholesale this product, you then choose where to buy Korean skincare from suppliers that sell at cheap prices. The good thing is that there are lots of them; all you need do is to decide on your preferred supplier.

    The future of Dr Jart - X

    1. Etude House

    Etude house is a very popular Korean skincare brand that sells quality skin care products. They sell produce skincare product like essence, cream, toner, lotion, mist, sun care homme, and the likes of other quality skin care product.

    korean skincare uk.png

    2. Laneige

    This is a top Korean skincare brand that is uniquely identified by their usage of water to address skin concern. They have skin care products of various kinds like cleansing products, moisturizers, sun care etc.


    korean skincare uk..png

    3. Neogen

    As a means to find a solution to skin care, this Korean skincare brand uses derma-ceutical research to come up with effective solutions and use them in the production of skincare

     korean skin care products wholesale..png

    4. Holika Holika                                                   

    They produce top Korean skincare products that that is known in both far and near countries. Holika has skincare products like lotion, skin toner, essence, among others.

    korean skin care products wholesale. (2).png

    5. Nature Republic

    As their name implies, Nature Republic is a skincare brand in Korea that makes skincare product with natural products like Aloe Vera, green leaf, snail mucus, ginseng etc.

    korean skin care products wholesale...png

    6. Skinfood

    Established since 1957, this skincare product brand uses vegetables and fruit for in their production. Their products are of high quality that can be vouched for. With over 5 decades of experience, skin food is a top Korean skincare brand.

    korean skin care products wholesale,.png

    7. It's skin

    They are top producers of anti-stress, moisturizing, anti-wrinkle, whitening/UV protection, and nourishment products. They are among the top Korean wholesale skincare brand available out there.

    korean skin care products wholesale;.png

    8. Ultru                   

    Ultru is a top Korean skincare brand that is known particularly for their clay and jelly mask.

    Image result for ultru masks

    9. Sulwhashoo

    This brand is a definition of a high-end company. Their products are unique and of unbeatable quality. Their goal is to promote ideal beauty. One of their popular products is the sulwhasoo serum.

    korean skin care products wholesale'.png

    10. Iope

    This brand manufactures its products based on plant philosophy. With all their products having a high percentage of leaf, you can be sure that they are absolutely safe for use.

    korean skin care products wholesale, (2).png

    Pros and cons of wholesale top brand Korean skincare.

    1. Pros of wholesale top brand Korean skincare

    1) High quality

    With the top brands come product of high quality. Therefore, wholesaling top Korean skin care products give you the confidence that you sell products of high quality.

    2) Effective

    Skincare products from top brands are mostly very effective. When you sell them in wholesale, you are sure going to have customers that would come back again and again because of the effectiveness of the product.

    3) You make a good profit

    Just because you wholesale top brands give you the advantage to make a profit at its maximum. You get patronised by customers from far and near. This is one major advantage that you have over others.

    2. Cons of wholesale top brand Korean skincare

    1) Expensive

    Some top skincare brands are quite expensive. Knowing they have made their name with the production of high-quality skin care products, many of them do not sell at cheap rates.

    2) Not easily available

    Most top brand skin care products are not easily available. Sometimes they are in the market; sometimes, they are out of the market. This is a major con of Korean skincare wholesale as it makes you an on-and-off wholesaler.

    3) Not suitable for everyone

    Not everyone can use skincare products of some top brands. There are some ingredients used that elicit some allergic reactions from some users. Therefore, as good as this top brands are, they are not always suitable for everyone.

    10 cheap branded & good Korean cosmetics brands

    1. Innisfree

    This is a good yet cheap Korean cosmetics brand, this brand produces skincare, makeup, skin solution body and tools product among others.

    korean wholesale..png

    2. Peripera

    This cosmetics brand was established in 2006. They produce very god cosmetics product that is the favourite of every girl. Their product category includes lip, eye and nail product.

    korean wholesale...png

    3. Missha

    This Korean skincare brand offers nothing less than high quality. Their goal is to provide quality skin care product that help unveils beautiful, glowing skin. They are known for their moisturisers, cleanser, etc.

    korean wholesale....png

    4. Tony Moly

    Established in 2006, Tony moly brand produces mask, cleansing, serum, lotions, mist, sun care, eye care and lotion skincare product of high quality that is known all over Korea and beyond.

     where to buy korean skincare...png

    5. Stylenander

    A popular Korean brand that has a cosmetics production company named 3ce. They produce cosmetics for the face, eye, cheek, lip and other essentials which can be gotten at affordable prices.

    top korean skin care products (2).png

    6. Dr Jart

    Established in 2006, this brand is a leading cosmetics brand in Korea that is known for its skincare product and makeup products. Some of its product are Dermaclear trans-foam clay, V7 vita lase 2.1 among others.

    top korean skin care products,.png

    7. CosRX

    A unique brand that produces affordable cosmetics for all skin type. Their product categories are cream, essence, tonner mask among others.

    top korean skin care products...png

    8. Mizon

    This cosmetics brand incorporates the use of natural products to produce effective and high-quality beauty product.

    top korean skin care products.;.png

    9. Vov

    If you are looking for high-quality cosmetics that have a brilliant effect on you yet simple, then Vov cosmetics is what you need. They are well recognised in the beauty industry in Korea.

    top korean skin care products;.png

    10. Charmzone

    One of the top priority of this Korean cosmetics brand is to produce quality, and nothing less than quality. Their product categories are hair and skin care product, whitening and wrinkle improvement product etc.

    top korean skin care products,..png

    Pros & cons for wholesale cheap brand Korean skin care

    1. Pros of wholesale cheap brand Korean skin care

    1) Product variety

    As a wholesaler, when you go into Korean skincare products wholesale, you get to choose from a lot of skincare brands available in Korea. That’s because there are many of them.

    2) You make your money

    There are a lot of people that are looking for cheap branded but good Korean skincare product. As a wholesaler, it gives you an upper hand because it’s not everybody that can expensive skincare brands.

    3) Easily available

    Cheaply branded skin care products are easily available, they seldom get scares. As a Korean skincare wholesaler, this is a big plus to you.

    2. Cons of wholesale cheap brand Korean skin care

    1) Counterfeit products

    Yes, there are a lot of fake products masquerading around as the original. This mostly happens to the cheap brands, unfortunately.

    2) Less quality.

    There are some cheap brands that produce less quality. This is so common among cheap skincare brands. As this is a major disadvantage, you are, therefore, advised to buy from the right suppliers. This reduces the chances of stumbling product of less quality.

    3) Limited customers

    Selling cheap skincare products can reduce the number of customers you have. If you are labelled to be selling cheap skincare products, some buyers won’t patronize you because they believe you sell only cheap and fewer quality products.

    Tips for wholesale Korean Skincare in the UK

    1. Get the right suppliers

    Getting a supplier that has all it takes to meet your preferred spec is one of the core things in the wholesale business. To wholesale Korean skincare UK, you would have to take it as a point of duty to find a supplier of trusted reputation. Once you get this part right, other aspects would be considered as easy-peasy.

    2. Get the right brand

    Don’t forget that most people are brand freak; they pay close attention to brands and hunt for them no matter how long it takes them. Having heard that, it would be very reasonable to do a survey on what Korean skincare brands are highly demanded by UK consumers. This, of course, is one thing that needs to be gotten right.

    3. Test the Market

    Yes, you can’t wait to hit the wholesale market with your Korean skincare products right? Of course, this is normal, but you need to test the market. Try ordering for products on a small scale and see what fruit it brings. This would most likely reveal the potential you have in the business.

    4. Sell at competitive prices

    Selling at cheap and competitive prices is not an option if your desire is to soar in the Korean skincare product wholesale business. Everyone wants to spend wisely, and they can go to any length to get cheap and quality products.

    Don’t be surprised, it is just the characteristics of a human, we are rational spenders, so you have to make sure that you sell at a completive price.

    5. Take your store online

    Every day, people search for where to buy Korean skincare product using their phones. Having an online store is one of the best decision you can make for your skincare business. This is what it takes to be on top of the wholesale business.

    Wholesale Skincare from Baifumei

    korean wholesale.png

    Baifumei is a global leading wholesale platform for wholesale varied Korean skin care with low price and high quality.

    Many sellers and retailers choose Baifumei due to the following reasons.

    ● Thousands of products – you gain access to 30,000 product lines meaning your customers never have to worry about stock deficiencies.

    ● Powerful quality control – Suppliers are taken to vigorous checks to ensure their products meet the standard associated with Baifumei.

    ● Global warehousing with a network of over 200 countries worldwide and efficient delivery of within 48 hours or even less in some regions.