Korean Beauty Trend Resources

We know that in this line of business, keeping on top of trends in the Koreanbeauty industry is a must! So over the last few years we have compiled a list of some of the best resources for keeping on top of trends! 

Resource 1 
The absolute No 1 Korean product resource has to be our friends at Reddit with their subreddit AsianBeauty. The majority of this subreddit is Korean beauty chatter and is a great place to start if you’re initially still unsure of Koreanproduct functions, brands and even specific recommended products. 

Resource 2 
Charlotte Chos popular site Sokoglam is next in at the number 2 spot. A site that has just exploded into one of the most isited site for Korean trends, Sokoglam is a great way to grasp ideas of what will sell well with your customers. And to make things better, her products can be filtered on the best seller list to see the best sellers by brand, function or skin type. 

Resource 3
Next up was always a starting point for us, the Korean section of 10mag. It lists not only some of the mpst popular brands but 3-4 suggested products for each, a great start to your Korean trend research. 

Resource 4
Ok we know its another reddit subreddit but it has to be included. At number 4 is subreddit Skincare Addiction. This is a fully active forum where kbeauty enthusiasts hang out and quiz each other on their skin. A great way of understanding which products will sell well is to know which problems your customers have and Skincare Addiction is a great resource for that. 

Resource 5 
Not always the best place to look for trends per se but no one has better shopping data than Amazon. Therefore the Korean Beauty section of Amazon which is fairly new, is a good place to capture some ideas of trends for your customers. By selecting specifics like skincare you can then filter by popular products and again find hidden trends in Korean products. 

Bonus Resource  
For your first Korean Wholesale Order, how useful would a list of products already tried and tested by our customers this year be? That’s right, a TRIED AND TESTED list! Our brochure was designed based on our best seller list from actual customers. Check out your copy here.