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We know when contemplating on purchasing cosmetic products for your business, shipping information and the related are the first concerns that arise. Therefore we have created the below section to ebb your fears and make you feel confident you are ordering from the right supplier. If there are any questions still unanswered feel free to get in touch via our Contact Us page or Email Us directly. We understand time is money so we always endeavor to answer all questions as soon as possible.


The Gist with Shipping

Once your order is raised, we contact our Korean office same day and submit the order to the brand offices to begin the process. This usually takes between 4-7 days depending on the brand (check sheets for further information). After your goods are received at our office, we can take pictures and begin to package your goods ready to ship. It is at this stage we now have your confirmed order are able to calculate the exact shipping price and balance amount due. Once confirmed, your goods will be shipped and your Koreanexperience begins.

Shipping Cut Offs & Our Weekly Shipping Service

If your order is over 30+ kilo, then it is likely your box will be moving on the Baifumei weekly shipping service. Every single Thursday, all of the cargo that is ready to ship, is prepared and leaves Incheon airport as one consolidated shipment to Europe, to then be sorted and distributed. In order to meet this service, all orders must be made by Tuesday the previous week. Any orders made after Tuesday will meet the next shipping date.

'Stock Discontinued' or 'Out of Stock'

The order process in Korea is a unique one where orders are submitted and brand offices 'try their best' to fulfil.' Although 9 times out 10, stock is fulfilled, there are times when stock is not available. This means that until we have received the goods at our office, we are unable to 100% confirm the items you ordered are available.

Pricing & Cancellation Policy

Baifumei reserves the right to change prices at any time. Purchase prices are final at the date of purchase.

We make every attempt to process orders as quickly as possible. Therefore, once an order enters our system, it cannot be canceled or modified in any way. The standard Baifumei Returns & Exchanges Policy applies to all orders


ORDER - What are your wholesale prices?

Order - BAIFUMEI IS main BUYING conditions

  • Conditions to buy from Baifumei are very simple. All we require is for orders to stick to the minimum order requirements (see below). Each brand has its own rules which can be found on each spreadsheet found on our Korean Wholesale Prices page.


  • At Baifumei we have two minimums that must be met, the Minimum Order Amount (MOA) and Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ).
  • The MOA is the total value of the total order excluding shipping. This is generally £400 per brand based on wholesale price. However please check the individual brand page for further information.
  • The MOQ relates to the specific product. and can be found on the brand pricing sheet in the "H" cell of our updated order lists. Products must be ordered in multiples of the MOQ. For example the Innisfree Super Jeju Clay Mask must be ordered in multiples of 6 as MOQ is 6, so only orders of 6,12,18 etc would be accepted.

Order - supply rate

  • When your order reaches a certain threshold (generally £950, £1250, £2500 & £8000) you may be eligible for a supply rate reduction. Please see individual sheets for more information.
  • Supply rate is a discount rate calculated as follows. If the supplying rate of A brand is 55%, it means we supply A brand at 45% of the retail price. In case that the retail price of A is £8.00 and supplying rate is 55%;

    £8.00 (= 8 X 55%) is the wholesale price of A.


  • Although it is rare, since it is the Korean brand offices in charge of their stock it is an unfortunate process we have to adhere to. HOWEVER our policy is 100% commitment to our customers. Instead of charge our customers 100% of invoice fee to then have a discontinued or out of stock order, we only request 75%. That way, once we have your final order confirmed, we can communicate any differences and raise a balance that reflects the changes. Quick and fair for our customers.  


  • As you may have guessed we are not a dropshipper, but instead source our goods direct from the brand offices with the assistance of our office in Korea. Since we want to have access to as many lines as possible (currently 30,000+) it would be impossible to hold stock in the UK. Therefore, once you have made your order and sent us the invoice amount, the shipping stage begins.


  • Generally speaking all stock will be shipped from Korea, therefore Duty/VAT will need to be paid. We will assess your order based on volume and help you ship from Europe if economically possible for us.
  • A lot of our European customers ask can goods be shipped from Korea to destination via the UK. We absolutely can assist you with this requirement if that fits your business requirement.

SHIPPING - CALCULATE exact shipping cost

  • Shipping of course is impossible to get EXACT in advance since we require the weight and do not have confirmation until AFTER we have packed your order in boxes. However we siggest the below as a guide;
  • To get estimated delivery charges in advance, you can multiply product's capacity and 3. (Sometimes multiply capacity and 4 ~ 6. It depends on the package condition of the items.)
  • For example, if you order skin(100ml) 20 pcs, cream(50g) 10pcs, essence(40ml) 20 pcs, we could calculate as below;
  • (100 X 20 X 3) + (50 X 10 X 3) + (40 X 20 X 3) = 9.9 Kg.
  • We are extremely interested in working with you so if the shipping rates are too high or send you over your target margin, please get in touch with us and we will do all we can using the experience and contacts we have to improve costs where we can.

SHIPPING - estimated shipping TIME and delivery period.

  • We recommend use airship from Korea to your country via UK, we import and cleared all the products in UK and then truck to your country, so shipping plus clear good the total lead time will around 7-12 business days. Please note the time will be difference during UK and Korea national holiday.


  • We pack goods very carefully with bubble wrap and deliver goods by AIRSHIP to prevent unexpected damage. However, we pack only fragile items individually with bubble wrap and paper cases are usually not packed individually if not requested.
  • Please note that we are not responsible for any damaged paper cases during delivery. Since the goods are delivered from Korea to overseas, it is impossible for us to find the reason why the goods are damaged. Thus, we do not accept the goods refund. To avoid any inconvenience, we always take pictures of each product and send them to our clients. Fortunately, there has been no critical dispute due to the condition of products. We always try our best to pack goods very firmly.

SHIPPING - deliverY to NON-EU countrIES

  • Many clients ask us "Do you deliver cosmetics to our country? The answer is "Yes!"
  • We can send out products to all foreign countries by Airship or EMS(Express Mail Service).
  • There are NO limits for us to send out cosmetics to your country.
  • However please do get in touch with us directly as we may only be able to ship on CFR basis.

SHIPPING - Parcels caught by customs office

  • Parcels can be caught by customs office in each country.
  • It rarely happens, but customs duty and other taxes like import tariff, additional tax, VAT and etc. may be imposed when the shipment reaches your country.
  • If applicable, please pay those costs directly to the delivery agents or the customs office. Policies on those taxes vary in each country and you may contact the customs office at your country for more details.
  • We, Baifumei only handle export declaration by our side in Korea. Thus, you may need to take care of import declaration with your customs agent. After the arrival of parcels, you may check whether import declaration is needed with your post office or customs office. Also, these offices in your country may inform you about this process so that import declaration is made and a buyer can receive the parcels well. Thus, we strongly recommend you to track your parcels with the tracking number we send you.


  • We will keep you informed your order status by email once your order is confirmed, we also will send you tracking number once your order has shipped, so you can track it by yourself, or you can send us email at baifumei.co.uk@gmail.com


  • As we provide many brands and products, we cannot guarantee that all products have English labels. Even though many brands are trying to make English labels along with Korean labels these days, we cannot fully confirm that all products have English labels. If this is a major requirement please contact us directly.

CPNP - documents or certificates.

  • Please note that the only official documents that we can provide you is a commercial invoice and packing list. A few clients sometimes requested us to provide the documents below.
    • MSDS(Material Safety Data Sheet)
    • Qualitative and quantitative composition of the products,
    • Copy of the labeling (primary and secondary packaging)
    • Product Information File, etc.

    Only a manufacturer or the headquarter of every brand can provide those documents to their official contractors in certain countries. Thus, we are not able to provide these documents.

    Additionally, those include confidential information to make cosmetics so that it is impossible for us to get them.

  • If you have questions regards CPNP or being a nominated person for your items please see below.

CPNP - CPNP approved supplier / person in Europe to act as responsible person for order.

  • In short, Yes! We can be your CPNP approved supplier and act as responsible person in Europe on any products we supply you wish as long as you stick to the MOQ per line. All the products we supply is CPNP approved. For more information, contact us directly.

Other - drop ship products 

  • Short answer, no we do not currently offer drop shipping services. However this is something we will have operational in the next 6-8 months. If you are able to commit to line quotas, please contact us Today to discuss this further.


Once your order is raised, we contact our Korean office same day and submit the order to the brand offices to begin the process. This usually takes between 4-7 days depending on the brand (check sheets for further information). After your goods are received at our office, we can take pictures and begin to package your goods ready to ship. It is at this stage we now have your confirmed order are able to calculate the exact shipping price and balance amount due. Once confirmed, your goods will be shipped. Total time 12-14 days depending on the brands & size of order.






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