We know when it comes to making a purchase like this for your business, there are a lot of questions you probably have. Some people like to reach out to another human and find out directly. Others however like to read bit by bit, sit back and take it all in slowly. So we've compiled a list of all of the most frequently asked we questions we get on our 100+ emails per day (yep thats right, 100!). If there are any questions still unanswered feel free to get in touch via our Contact Us page or Email Us directly. We understand time is money so we always endeavor to answer all questions as soon as possible. As soon as you are ready, create an account below.

How to Order FAQ

Ok so you’ve reached our site, your all excited about buying some Korean cosmetics , but hold on. How on earth do i order? Whats an MOQ? And how do i place my order. All will be explained below.


In order to check wholesale prices you must sign in to a wholesale account. If you don't have one, sign up for a wholesale account.

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How do I order Wholesale

  1. ​Download Order Sheet from here
  2. Fill order quantity
  3. Input the supply rate according to the order size
  4. Upload or email the order sheet
  5. Our wholesale staff will follow up within ONE working day.

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in order to see how to fill the sheets, please see below;


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Yes, you need a wholesale account to access wholesale supply rates and download order sheets to check wholesale prices. If you already have a wholesale account, Login here or Sign Up account.



Conditions to buy from Baifumei are very simple. All we require is for orders to stick to the minimum order requirements (MOQ). Each brand has its own rules which can be found on each spreadsheet found on our Korean Wholesale Prices page.

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  • At Baifumei we have two minimums that must be met, the Minimum Order Amount (MOA) and Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ).
  • The MOA is the total value of the total order excluding shipping. This is generally £400 per brand based on wholesale price. However please check the individual brand page for further information.
  • The MOQ relates to the specific product. and can be found on the brand pricing sheet in the "H" cell of our updated order lists. Products must be ordered in multiples of the MOQ. For example the Innisfree Super Jeju Clay Mask must be ordered in multiples of 6 as MOQ is 6, so only orders of 6,12,18 etc would be accepted.

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  • As you may have guessed we are not a dropshipper, but instead source our goods direct from the brand offices with the assistance of our office in Korea. Since we want to have access to as many lines as possible (currently 30,000+) it would be impossible to hold stock in the UK. Therefore, once you have made your order and sent us the invoice amount, the shipping stage begins.

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  • When your order reaches a certain threshold (generally £950, £1250, £2500 & £8000) you may be eligible for a supply rate reduction. Please see individual sheets for more information.
  • Supply rate is a discount rate calculated as follows. If the supplying rate of A brand is 55%, it means we supply A brand at 45% of the retail price. In case that the retail price of A is £8.00 and supplying rate is 55%;

    £8.00 (= 8 X 55%) is the wholesale price of A.

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  • Although it is rare, since it is the Korean brand offices in charge of their stock it is an unfortunate process we have to adhere to. HOWEVER our policy is 100% commitment to our customers. Instead of charge our customers 100% of invoice fee to then have a discontinued or out of stock order, we only request 75%. That way, once we have your final order confirmed, we can communicate any differences and raise a balance that reflects the changes. Quick and fair for our customers.  

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What s MOQ?

MOQ stands for Minimum Order Quantity.

Minimum order quantity per brand is GRP400 for the majority of the brands. While some brands MOQ could be GBP850 or GBP1500.

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Our lead time is around 7-10 days for the majority of the brands, while some brands or some products could take longer. For example - if one product is not available today and expected to arrive next week, we may wait till we get it. We are proud to mention that we have the shortest lead time among Korean cosmetics wholesale suppliers.

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Payment FAQ

So you’ve selected your brand, chosen your stock lines and sent it across to us. Your probably at the payment stage. See below for common payment questions and concerns.

What are THE payment CONDITIONS? 

We only accept bank transfer

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What mEthods of payment do baifumei accept?

At this moment in time we only accept bank transfers. At this moment in time we cant accept credit , debit card payments or paypal transfers. For tips on avoiding fees, we recommend using Transferwise, a money transfer website owned by Skype. Save fees of up to 40% using our link.

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We only accept GBP. If you wish to send USD, EUR, KRW or any other please contact us to check this is possible. please note using the incorrect method may result in charges being passed back to you.

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For tips on avoiding fees, we recommend using Transferwise, a money transfer website owned by Skype. Save fees of up to 40% using our link.

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Its been 2 days and you still don't have RECEIPT of my money. what gives? 

Please bear in mind that international money transactions can take 2-5 working days. When you are planning to send, notify us, site the invoice number on your payment so we can match your payment quickly and send across remittance once done. To send faster, we recommend using Transferwise, a money transfer website owned by Skype. money usually arrives into our account withing 30 minutes.

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Shipping & Tracking FAQ

Brand lines have been selected, payments in and your items have been picked, packed and ready to ship. Hold on wait. What happens with shipping. Read on, we've got you!

Available shipping methods?

Following are the shipping methods we offer:

  1. EMS - Cheapest method, sent directly to door. Lead time 7-14 days (FOB basis)
  2. DHL/TNT - Expensive but reliable, sent directly to door. Lead time 5-9 days. FOB basis
  3. Air Shipment - Best method for speed vs cost. Lead time 4-8 days. DAP Basis. All charges are included up to delivery to door. We ship, land,custom clear and deliver to door. This is best method for you as we cover all charges.

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How to estimate shipping fee?

Estimated Shipping Fees are as follows;

  1. EMS - Check EMS Prices Here
  2. DHL/TNT - Check DHL/TNT Prices Here
  3. Air Shipment - Check Air Shipment Prices Here

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How long is the delivery time?

Shipping estimates:

  1. EMS - Lead time 7-14 days
  2. DHL/TNT - Lead time 5-9 days.
  3. Air Shipment - Lead time 4-8 days.

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How to track my shipment?

To track courier shipments from all courier services including EMS, DHL and many others;

Use the tracking number from your order email and Click Here >

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Can I use my own forwarder?

Yes, you can engage your own forwarder. We will make delivery within Korea to your forwarder warehouse. Once the goods are delivered to them, you have to deal with your forwarder directly afterward.

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All this talk of picking items and shipping, but hold on. Totally forgot about the beauty and cosmetic regulations. What do i need to know and how will I and my customers be affected. Whats CPNP? Learn more below.


  • As we provide many brands and products, we cannot guarantee that all products have English labels. Even though many brands are trying to make English labels along with Korean labels these days, we cannot fully confirm that all products have English labels. If this is a major requirement please contact us directly.

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  • Please note that the only official documents that we can provide you is a commercial invoice and packing list. A few clients sometimes requested us to provide the documents below.
    • MSDS(Material Safety Data Sheet)
    • Qualitative and quantitative composition of the products,
    • Copy of the labeling (primary and secondary packaging)
    • Product Information File, etc.

    Only a manufacturer or the headquarter of every brand can provide those documents to their official contractors in certain countries. Thus, we are not able to provide these documents.

    Additionally, those include confidential information to make cosmetics so that it is impossible for us to get them.

  • If you have questions regards CPNP or being a nominated person for your items please see below.

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  • In short, Yes! We can be your CPNP approved supplier and act as responsible person in Europe on any products we supply you wish as long as you stick to the MOQ per line. All the products we supply is CPNP approved. For more information, contact us directly.

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If you still have questions after all the information on this website we recommend visiting our frequently asked questions FAQ page which is updated on a weekly basis with new real questions and answers asked by our customers. We are happy to answer any questions or concerns you have by email. Alternatively you can Contact Us, Email Us, or Whatsapp Us on +44770259987.


  • Our minimum order amount (MOA) per brand differs but is generally GBP 400 based on wholesale price. (Some brands have higher MOA)
  • Each SKU / product must be ordered by its box quantity to be accepted. EXAMPLE: Product A has box qty 6. Must be ordered as 6, 12, 18 etc.
  • For order to be accepted both MOA and box MOQ must be met.
  • Price is on Exworks basis and does not include shipping. (See Shipping for further details)


  • All items are on EXWORKS basis and do not include shipping.
  • Shipping price is calculated automatically on the spreadsheet is an estimate based on our experience.
  • If your sheet does not show shipping, Email us the sheet and we will confirm shipping price.


  • Payment is on prepayment basis at time of order.
  • We accept 75% downpayment since we need to confirm stock before shipping and sometimes items are out of stock.
  • Once order is ready in our Korean office, we confirm final price and will invoice for downpayment.
  • We can ship to any country in via any country. If you wish to ship to Germany Via UK that is fine. Just confirm during order process.
  • Shipping cost includes Duty / VAT & any import charges
  • Lead time is 7-12 days from order confirmation.


  • All of the items we sell are found on the CPNP portal, we can provide CPNP numbers if you request.
  • Although 95% of items labels are in English, it is the responsibility of the buyer to provide local labels.
  • We act as responsible person to your busienss
  • At this moment in time we cannot provide any documents to you since they contain secret ingredient information.
  • We are working out a way to present this and will find a solution in due course.

What Our Customers say about Us

"Baifumei has been an excellent supplier and now partner of our Business in France. The pricing download process was so much easier than with others and the ability to connect with them when I had concerns was helpful. 5 stars!"

Beau Toi - France

15 JAN 2018

"We are by no means a big company and so were concerned with MOQs and shipping pricing to us in Netherlands. Baifumei helped us greatly to understand the process, keep prices down and launch some items we would never have tried before. We are likely to be using Baifumei as our supplier in the near future. Thanks."

Schoonheid Nodig Hebben - Netherlands

15 SEP 2018

"We have sold beauty for a whole but knew the Korean mask area was growing intensely. After searching for mask providers really Baifumei stood out from the rest for their ability to help, even on evenings and weekends. They were serious about helping our customers."

Czech our masks - Czech

15 DEC 2018

Our Offices

With an office in both London, UK & Seoul, Korea, Baifumei is the number one Korean cosmetics Wholesale Supplier for your business. Whether you are a small retailer in France or Germany or a bulk buyer in Italy or Finland, our extensive shipping capabilities make us certain we can help your business grow . We look at every enquiry that hits our inbox, so contact us if you have an enquiry.

Our Customers

We have 100+ regular and happy wholesale customers worldwide for one reason; we care. With 30,000+ products discounted extremely competitively from over 40 brands to offer, we are well renowned as the supplier of choice in Europe for fast, responsible, top customer support and reliable wholesaler services.

We only offer 100% authentic and fresh products, carefully sourced from each of the official brands in Seoul, Korea and shipped directly from origin. No matter the brand or line, we can supply almost every Korean cosmetics and skin care brand.

Starting your online or retail Korean business is reliant on one very important thing, finding a reliable and competent Korean Cosmetics Wholesale Supplier.

How to Order

STAGE 1 - Choose from the brands below and download the order form. See further details for supply rates / rules for each.

STAGE 2 - Select which lines you want. Complete with full details and send back to us here or email us here.

STAGE 2 - Wait for us to get back in 24 hours and Start your Korean Skin care and cosmetics business.


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