The CPNP must be one of the scariest most misunderstood areas of cosmetics and it is our job as a wholesaler of these kind of products to put your mind at ease. 
What the hell is the CPNP?? 
The Cosmetics Products Notification Portal (CPNP) is an online notification system for submitting certain technical compliance related information about cosmetic products. When a product has been notified in the CPNP , there is no need for any further notification at national level within the EU.

So what are my requirements as a seller? 
Since you are purchasing from us within the EU ZONE your requirements only stretch as far as finding a reputable supplier who is registered. The rest of the requirements we adhere to. A product only needs to be registered by the person who brought the item into the EU Zone. As long as you purchase from us, we are that registered party. 

Will you act as responsible person? 
In short, Yes! At Baifumei we are a CPNP approved supplier so we can act as the responsible person in Europe on any products we supply. 

Labelling requirements? 
We do supply a hell of a lot of different products and since you may be located in a remote part of Europe, the language you speak may not be on the goods. However many brands in Korea already have English labels along with Korean labels these days, which makes them compliant in your country of choice.
Im still not sure 🤔
If you have any major concerns, don't worry it is natural. Send me an email, by replying to this email, and I will come back with a tailored response to your specific issue.

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