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MOA: GBP 432.00 
MOQ: Box quantity per product. 
Smaller order q'ty is NOT acceptable.


Supply rate based on Order Value. Higher the order, 
better the rate.


Lead time 1-2 weeks.
No free samples provided.



The CPNP must be one of the scariest most
misunderstood areas of cosmetics and
it is our job as a wholesaler of these kind of
products to put your mind at ease.
What the hell is the CPNP??
The Cosmetics Products Notification Portal (CPNP)
is an online notification system for submitting
certain technical compliance related information
about cosmetic products. When a product has
been notified in the CPNP ,
there is no need for any further notification
at national level within the EU.
So what are my requirements as a seller?
Since you are purchasing from us
within the EU ZONE your requirements
only stretch as far as finding a
reputable supplier who is registered. The rest of
A product only needs to be registered
by the person who brought the item
into the EU Zone. As long as you purchase from us,
we are that registered party.
Will you act as responsible person?
In short, Yes! At Baifumei we are a CPNP
approved supplier so we can act as the responsible
person in Europe on any products we supply.
Labelling requirements?
We do supply a hell of a lot of different products
and since you may be located in a remote part
of Europe, the language you speak may not be
on the goods. However many brands in Korea
already have English labels along with Korean
labels these days, which makes them compliant
in your country of choice.
Im still not sure
If you have any major concerns, don't worry
it is natural. Send me an email,
by replying to this email, and I will come back with
a tailored response to your specific issue.
Check out a full list of the best CPNP
registered products Today.


Once i've made my order, then what??
As you may have guessed we are not a dropshipper,
but instead source our goods direct
from the brand offices with the assistance of our
office in Korea. Since we want to
have access to as many lines as possible
(currently 30,000+) it would be impossible to hold
stock in the UK. Therefore,
once you have made your order and
sent us the invoice amount,
the shipping stage begins.
The Gist with Shipping.?
Once your order is raised, we contact our
Korean office same day and submit
the order to the brand offices to begin the process.
This usually takes between 4-7 days
depending on the brand (check sheets for
further information). After your goods are received at
our office, we can take pictures
and begin to package your goods ready to ship. It is
at this stage we now have your
confirmed order are able to calculate the exact
shipping price and balance amount due.
Once confirmed, your goods will be shipped
and your Koreanexperience begins.
'Stock Discontinued' or 'Out of Stock'
The order process in Korea is a unique one
where orders are submitted and
brand offices 'try their best' to fulfil.'
Although 9 times out 10, stock is fulfilled,
there are times when stock is not available.
This means that until we have received the goods
at our office, we are unable to 100% confirm
the items you ordered are available.
Is there anything you can do to combat this?
Although it is rare, since it is
the Korean brand offices in charge of their stock
it is an unfortunate process we have to adhere to.
HOWEVER our policy is 100% commitment to our customers.
Instead of charge our customers 100% of
invoice fee to then have a discontinued
or out of stock order,
we only request 75%. That way, once we have your final
order confirmed, we can communicate any differences
and raise a balance that reflects the changes.
Quick and fair for our customers.
I need to know the Shipping
prices before I order!
We understand that all businesses need to know
the margins before ordering. Therefore
as a general process to our invoicing system,
we will always include an approximate
shipping fee from Korea to UK (and additionals).
Please note this is subject to change when packed.
Can I ship via the UK?
A lot of our European customers ask
can goods be shipped from Korea to
destination via the UK. We absolutely can assist you
with this requirement if that fits your business requirement.
Pricing Policy
Baifumei reserves the right to
change prices at any time. Purchase prices
are final at the date of purchase.
Cancellation Policy
We make every attempt to
process orders as quickly as possible.
Therefore, once an order enters our system,
it cannot be canceled or modified in any way.
The standard Baifumei Returns &
Exchanges Policy applies to all orders.


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2. Soft Lip Lacquer

3. Mood Recipe Multi Eye Color Palette