How to use a Face Mask like the Celebs do! Don’t be a Face mask Newbie!

Everyone wants their skin to look as flawless as their favorite celebs. If you are using the ultimate Korean face masks to get that celebrity like skin perfection then,  you need to use it right way so as to make good of every last one of its natural juices. In this post we'll give you 5 major tips to use your face masks  like a pro! But first.... how on earth do you use face masks? Here is the low down!

how to use a face mask

Step 1: First things first.. cleanse your face girl! There is no point applying a beautiful layer of serum onto a dirty face. There just won't be any benefits. Use a foam cleanser or oil based cleanser, depending on your skin, to remove all surface impurities, oil and dirt and prepare for step 2. See our Cleansers if your not in the know.

Step 2: Tone using a Toner! Yes that's right Toner! Just like the first step, although your sheet mask will help moisturize your skin, we need maximum miniaturization. Therefore use a toner to bring back the skins hydration to normal before application.

Step 3: Using moist hands (dry may tear the mask), take the sheet from out of the mask pouch. It will be covered in essence so  prepare to get a tiny bit messy (in the name of beauty!) Slowly remove the back plastic layer making sure not to tear the mask and put to one side. Open the mask fully and starting from the eyes, line up the holes and apply directly onto the face. Stick the fabric onto the face and pull in so the mask clings around the chin mouth and forehead. Feel free to adjust until it feels comfortable.  Remember it is called a face mask, in case you wonder why you look so strange!

Step 4:  Now relax! Most masks need 15-20 mins to take effect so use the time as you please; check your Facebook or email, restyle your hair, whatever you feel.   Just be conscientious of the time and follow directions. Most masks can be left on for over 25 minutes, although please read each mask individually as they may differ depending on the function.

Step 5:  Now it’s time to reveal your 'new skin.' Masks are designed to contour to your skin so be careful when removing them from your face. IMPORTANT POINT your face is covered in essence, do not wash it off, just gently rub your skin and let it soak into your skin. It's the most valuable part of the mask afterall, don't waste it!

And there you have it!

Baifumei's 5 major tips to using Korean facemask sheets like a pro

  1. Prepare your face

The majority of you would probably simply pat the face mask carelessly onto dirty skin. Well, that is the biggest mistake you can make since you are not only locking the impurities inyo the pores but pushing them deeper into your skin too. This is not how your favorite celebs do it! Before using a facemask make sure to clean your face with a mild cleanser and exfoliate using a gentle scrub. This ensures that you skin absorbs all that it needs from the mask quickly and is why it is our essential step 1. 

  1. Take out the juices

Korean sheet masks are amazing, oozing with powerful and healthy natural essences that will deeply absorb into your skin. Just pull out the mask from the packet and make sure that you use all the excess juices by rubbing them on to your neck and arms. Do not let these magical potions got to waste!

  1. Watch the clock

There is a widespread myth that the longer you let the facemask stay on, the greater the results. Some might even go the extreme of using it for several hours or even overnight to reap the heightened benefits. Sadly there is a timeframe, with the latter resulting in dryness and breakouts. The directions on the packaging are there for a reason! Do not keep the mask on longer than recommended as this can cause it suck out the natural oil from your skin and render it parched. It may also disrupt the temperature and Ph level of your skin and cause more problems.

  1. Removing the mask

Yes, removing your facemask is also a technique and all the celebrities know the secret. Most facemasks add essence to the skin and contribute to a number of skin benefits including reduction of brown spots, moisturization for dry skin and collagen inserts. After you are finish, do not wash any of this essence away. Its prime function is to stay on the skin, so although you have removed the mask, the essence can stay until you decide to sleep.

  1. Back-to-back benefits

Sometimes one is not enough! Very few people know that you can use multiple masks for your face, either back to back or all at once, to get extreme results and a celeb like smoothness. For instance, you can start by using a mud or clay pack to remove all the impurities clogging up your pores and then apply a moisturizing facemask to rejuvenate the skin! If you are trying to get rid of your acne or blemishes, you can also add on an anti-pollution mask. Be very careful while selecting the facemasks and deciding on the order of their application as a wrong move can be useless at best and dangerous at worst.

So whats your experience? Let us know :)

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