Do you make these mistakes with your Annoying Sensitive Skin? Korean Beauty will help

sensitive skin

Almost 60% of the world population experience some form of skin sensitivity that may vary from mild itching to severe blemishes. Sensitive skin can be a pain to maintain when your skin rejects almost everything that you try on. In such a case you can start by avoiding the most common mistakes that people make while caring for sensitive skin.

1. Ignoring the ingredients

9 out of 10 people do not even look at the ingredients when they buy a new product. And if you have sensitive skin then you should get used to the habit of checking the first 5 ingredients before buying a new product. Even if you are using a popular brand, it is important to check whether the product is free from any complex petroleum product or alcohol. The best choice would be to go for Korean beauty product as they contain natural ingredients and are free from any toxic elements that might damage your sensitive skin.

2. Exfoliating too much

Using a scrub is great for your skin but using it every day might affect it negatively. Too much exfoliation can cause extreme dryness and bursting of the capillaries under the skin. Sensitive skin requires a gentle scrub with small crystals to be used not more than twice a month. There are various Korean scrubs that specially cater to the needs of sensitive skin by using natural ingredients with soft and tiny crystals.

3. Wearing makeup overnight

Big no no! Wearing our make-up all night is something we all are guilty of at some point in our life. Our make-up contains many chemicals, and leaving them on for too long means abandoning your skin to bear the brunt of these chemicals. To avoid any side-effects or harmful impact, always wash your face clean before going to sleep. Let the skin breathe and repair itself naturally while you sleep. 

4. Over-washing with harsh cleanser

It is recommended to wash your face twice a day as it effectively removes the excess oil, dust, and pollution from the face, but washing it more than twice a day will just cause skin irritation. Washing your face too much with harsh cleansers may strip the skin of its natural oils and render it dry and itchy. There are several Korean products that can effectively clean the pores of your skin while still retaining the natural moisture. If your skin is over-sensitive, then consider washing your face only once during the day with soft cleansers.

5. Not performing patch tests with new products

If you have sensitive skin, then pouring your skin instantly with new products can be dangerous. Sensitive skin does not agree to every ingredient, and it is your job to find out those that perfectly suit your skin. This can be done simply with a patch test. You can do this by first applying the product on a patch of your skin of your like the nape of your neck or behind the ear. A few days later you can safely tell if that product is suited for your skin or not.

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So whats your experience with products on your senstive skin? 

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