3 of the Best face masks on the Planet - Present My Beauty Diary Face Masks

My Beauty Diary Face Mask

Three of the best face masks on the planet

Hugely popular Taiwanese brand My Beauty Diary Face mask has taken the face mask market by storm by introducing some uniquely innovative and immediately effective answers to skin needs. These face masks contain ingredients that are hidden treasure troves for skin solutions. Here, we introduce you to the top three face masks of My Beauty Diary. Get ready to treat your skin!

MBD Black Pearl Face Mask

Probably one of the bestselling face masks of My Beauty Diary, the black pearl masks are pure genius. There function is to restore the natural elasticity of the skin and evenly whiten the skin tone. The MBD Black Pearl face masks are drenched in essence and are perfectly suitable for all skin types.

The MBD Black Pearl masks contain the ultimate Black Pearl extract along with numerous marine and botanical essences that deeply nourishes your skin and imparts an ethereal radiance. They also include Vitamin C, which is naturally extracted from Pineapple, cucumber and rum to rejuvenate your skin and refresh it with a child-like suppleness. These sheet masks are specially armed with hundreds of micropores that enhance the absorption process for incredible results.

MBD Aloe Vera Face Mask

The MBD Aloe Vera face mask is equipped with Aloe Vera goodness that can do wonders for your skin. Aloe Vera is one of the best natural ingredients that take care of several skin problems such as acne, irritation, redness and dryness all at once. They can be used for all skin types and are of special assistance to dry and damaged skin because of the rich and nourishing Aloe Vera essence within the mask.

The MBD Aloe Vera face mask is powered with the Cosphingo x aqua rod solution along with the Mucoploy Saccharides from Aloe Vera which deeply nourishes the skin and repairs it from sun damage and pollution. It also contains Rose Serum that is responsible for superbly hydrating every cell in your skin and alleviates any kind of itching or skin-irritating sensation. For gentle exfoliation, the mask has Kiwi, lemon and gingko extracts. The combined effect of all these natural plant extracts will transform your skin tone and texture in just one session! And theres 10 in a box!

MBD Royal Birds Nest Face Mask

When they describe the MBD Royal Bird’s Nest face mask as the ‘ultra-nourishing hydration’ answer, they do not exaggerate! This range of masks are the powerhouse of some pretty incredible ingredients that can hydrate the skin, make it brighter, whiten the complexion and do much more at an extremely affordable price.

Bird’s Nest, along with being a delicious Chinese soup is a much sought after skin transforming ingredient that is used in the MBD sheet mask range along with the unique and essential marine extracts and hydrolyzed proteins. Together, these ingredients tighten the creases of the skin and help the pores in retaining moisture thus making it smoother, brighter and softer. The ultra-soft cotton sheets are made in such a way that they make perfect contact with the skin, without slipping, and accelerate the absorption process.

The Beauty of My Beauty Diary is theres 26 types to choose from! So whats your fav? 

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