10 reasons why not using a toner is a nightmare waiting to happen

The way to beauty is CTM routine. Cleansing toning and moisturizing

Cleansing and moisturizing are among the common habits of routine skin care, but the crucial role of the toner is generally overlooked by people.

It is generally seen that after cleansing the face, people use water instead of a toner. This is a totally wrong concept. The role of a toner is far much more than mere water.

Toners are generally known to us as a lotion or wash formulated to cleanse the skin and shrunk the appearance of pores. But it has other benefits too and is extremely important. PH balance of a skin is between 5-6. After cleansing the PH balance of the face is disturbed .Washing the face with mere water does not restore the PH balance. A proper Korean toner can help to restore this balance quickly after cleansing . The usual way to apply toner is to put it o damp cotton wool and then apply it to the face.

What can happen if you do not us a toner?

1. Without a toner the skin can go for a toss in sometime.

Have you seen a skin which is stripped? Dry skin attempts to produce more oil and the skin looks oily and dull. Then in the pursuit to remove this excess oil we use cleansers heavily and the skin settles for a damage. Instead ,if a toner is used after cleansing the skin then it would have not faced such problems.

2. Protects the skin

We all know that the enlarged pores in our skin reflect the not so young look. Do you know that this pores issue can be solved by the use of toner? Korea toners helps shrink the appearance of pores and tighten cell gaps.

With tight cell gaps the impurities cannot enter the skin and the ski looks young and clean.

3. Remove Dead Cells. YES!! IT’s true. Korean toners also helps in removing the residues of dead cells which a cleanser can leave behind. It gives a perfect finish to Cleansing. If no toner is used then the traces of dirt can remain leading to a non lustrous skin with pimples and acne breakouts. Remedy- toners

4. NO toner = Dry skin

Some toners are humectants , which means they have moisture and hence aid I binding moisture to the skin. When toner is given a backseat the skin becomes dull, losing it’s lusture.

5. Neat and Groomed look

Without the use of toners the skin can have a very untidy look. Some good Korean toners have glycolic or alpha hydroxyl acid in them. This prevents the breakout of ingrown hair and gives a neat groomed look to the face.

6. Removal of chlorine and minerals

Remember that dry, flushed look on the face after swimming?

It’s because of the havoc played by chlorine present in the pool .But not to worry- toner clears the traces of chlorine and minerals I water which was splashed on face.

7. Oily ad acne based skin can go worse without toner

Toner has the quality to remove excess film of oil and dirt from the surface of the skin and restore the much needed PH balance.

8. Toner is a friend of makeup

Toner tighten the cell gaps and give a smooth texture to the face ,making the application of makeup on face better.

Also for a perfect cleanse toner is essential as it removes the residues of oil and makeup with perfection.

9. Ingrown hair reduction

Ingrowth of hair can be a pain in the neck. Some Korean toners are helpful if this case as they contain alpha hydroxyl acids which can helps in preventing the growth of ingrown hair.

10. Sun Damage And Wrinkles Reduction

Sun plays a very important part in our existence. But too much exposure to sun can cause sun damage too. The sun kissed skin has to bear the grunt of redness, patches and pigmentation. The advanced Korean toners helps you in this sphere too. It repairs the sun damaged skin with its advanced replenished technology based toners. Now u can enjoy the sun too….

The right Korea toner will surely give your skin a healthy dose of perfect ingredients. It helps your skin to stay young, hassel free and pretty, just the way you deserve. If toners are put to work, its certain the dream of beautiful skin will surely turn into a nightmare.

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